1:1 Connect Sessions


Book 1:1 Yoga with Alix.

Why have a 1:1?

Yoga brings things into a relationship with each other, it is a practice that means something different to everyone. A 1:1 gives you the opportunity to explore and grow your relationship with yourself. As your yoga teacher I will help you put tools into place to work on your personal goals with a program that is tailored to your needs and works around your timetable. 

Here are some of the reasons people seek out a 1:1 practice with me:

  • To unravel stress in their body and mind.

  • To reconnect to their body.

  • To gain strength in their core.

  • To work with their breath and improve how they manage stress.

  • To learn more about their body.

  • To let go of stress and hit the pause button.

  • To release tightness in the body.

Your Yoga 1:1 is not what you might think. I often see people who feel completely disconnected from themselves. You are not coming to a class, you are coming to learn more about yourself so you can move forwards.

We will use a variety of techniques including breathing techniques, working with the vagus nerve, combining myofascial release with a theme of your choice. Many people choose relaxation and release but you might prefer something more active to complement the practice of connection.

Contact me to arrange your free consultation and let's go from there.

1 Hour Session

£45 single session

£40 x 4 sessions 

£36 x 8 sessions 

All block bookings are payable in advance.

Why not try the new 4 week Vagus Connect Block. 4 sessions including the tools you need to take your practice home when you need to seek balance. £150