Welcome to The Glow Getter Retreat. A place to unleash your inner goddess and find your inner glow using it to fuel, energise and enrich your body and mind.


Here at Glow, we work with nutrition, movement, meditation, massage and seasonal cycles to help you to recognise and understand how your body is feeling, what’s going on in your head, what emotions might be rising within you and how you can make small changes to deal with things successfully and navigate trickier times as well as harness your powerful energies and use them to benefit your everyday life.


The Glow Getter values...

Hitting Pause

Unravelling Stress

Listening to your body

Understanding how to fuel your body for YOUR lifestyle

Working in harmony with the universe’s rhythms

Keeping it real

Knowing when to say f*ck it.




Hi! I’m Ellie. PT and Nutritionist in training, wife, mum, stargazer, moon-ogler, ultramarathoner, exercise junkie, paddleboarder, wild swimmer (with LOTS of monkey noises) and professional party-er too - because who doesn’t love a good time?

I am SUPER passionate about helping people to live a healthy lifestyle and fix their nutrition whilst still living their best life and enjoying things. 

I’ve been a runner for a few years now taking on half marathons, marathons and ultramarathons too but I discovered a love of exercise during lockdown and that drove me to launch the mammoth (and seemingly never-ending) task of studying to become a personal trainer and nutritionist.

I love growing my own food and creating new recipes that are both healthy AND tasty - I like to

show that healthy food doesn’t have to be dull. I also enjoy exploring the benefits of various

foods for our bodies to help people gain maximum nutrition from their meals.

I also REALLY enjoy a cheeky beer… or a gin… or some fizz…. #keepingitreal




Hey I'm Alix. I am a yoga teacher with a passion for understanding the effects of every-day life and trauma in our bodies. I think we spend way too much time living in our heads rather than listening to our bodies which are always talking to us. The gut brain connection and the nervous system are key areas of interest. 


Why yoga? Well, a few years back I burned out in style and had to make some pretty big

changes. Yoga is something that got me connected to listening to my body and my intuition again. From there I found my voice and chose to teach.


My Stay Lit ethos shows up in every aspect of my teaching and my personal life. I am curious and passionate about the things I do but this must translate to my home life. As a single mum raising a daughter it’s important to me that she grows to feel empowered to make bold and brave choices and not shrink herself to fit in anyone else’s box. 


I am a…


Moon junkie

Water junkie

Rain junkie 


Add all 3 for a wild swim and I’m in heaven!

Hello! I am Emily: mum of three, wife of one, runner, reader, wild swimmer, feminist and holistic bodyworker.


I have been drawn to massage since my childhood, but finally gave in and studied it three years ago. I am fascinated by the connection between the physical and the emotional, mental and spiritual. This is key to holistic massage. I frequently work with clients who are experiencing pain and tension in their bodies, which with deeper exploration is coming from a place of stress, anxiety or worry in their minds.


I love bodies. I see many many clients who are self-conscious of their bodies and have forgotten the wonder of our incredible life vessels, which allow us to experience all that we do every day. I would love to see more of us feeling at home within our bodies and joyous at all that our awesome forms allow us to do and to be.


I love to focus on all that my body does for me: it got me this far in life, it grew me a family, it allows me to run far far away from that family, and then run home again! And sometimes jump into the glorious sea.

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